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Presentation Resources

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Rubrics for Primary Grades

Low Tech Scoring Guides How-Tos
Written Report Scoring Guide for Reports,
Scoring Rubric
Written Report Guidelines

Poster/Presentation Board

Poster Scoring Guide

example 1, example 2

Presentation Board Guidelines

Diorama Diorama Rubric Diorama Directions and Guidelines
Oral Report Oral Report Scoring Guide Guidelines for Oral Reports
Debates/Panel Discussions Controversial Issue Scoring Guide
Performing Arts (drama scene, musical composition, visual art piece)

Skit Scoring Guide




High Tech
Scoring Guides
Web Pages Web Page Guidelines, Scoring Guide Classroom Webpages
Create Web Pages with MS Word
Electronic Slideshows:

Generic Slideshow Rubric

Guidelines for Electronic Presentations
LiveSlideShow LiveSlideShow Tutorial
RealSlideshow RealSlideshow User's Guide
Multimedia Check List
Multimedia Rubric
Both from Midlink Magazine


Video Scoring Guide

Video Guidelines, iMovie Tutorial
Databases and Spreadsheets Spreadsheet Rubric
Database Rubric
Learn Excel, FileMaker Tutorial

MovieWorks MovieWorks Tutorial

PowerPoint Rubric
PowerPoint Tutorial
Oral Reports using Multimedia

Multimedia Rubric


Podcasting Rubric

Resources: Define

Information Literacy eBooks listed by Research Step

Information Literacy eBooks alphabetical list

Research Videos alphabetical list

Research Videos listed by Research Step

Creating Questions PDF RTF


Online Research Planner (worksheet)

Research Process Reflection (guide)

Research Process Rubric (guide)