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How To Take Notes: Intermediate Example

Outline: Cornell Note Style

Spotted Owl

I. Western Spotted Owl

A. Called Northern Spotted Owl (Strix varia)

1. other names for it are Canyon Owl, Brown-Eyed Owl, Wood Owl, and Hoot Owl

2. endangered species

B. Lives in old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest ( example of non-text sources of information)

1. non-migrating bird

2. losing places to live with logging

II. Anatomy of the Spotted Owl

A. 17-19 inches long

1. average wingspan is 43 inches

2. average weight is 1  1/2 pounds

B. Nocturnal and is darkly colored

1. wing and back feathers of the Spotted Owl are brown with buff red spots

2. hind-neck is brown with white spots

III. Diet

A. Hunts for food at night

1. has a good sense of sight to find prey

2. has good sense of hearing to find food

B. Sits on perch and waits for prey

1. dives onto prey with silent wings

2. feeds mainly on flying squirrels and wood rats

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