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How to Choose Resources: Almanac



Almanacs are filled with thousands of facts on hundreds of subjects.

World Almanac2008
An Almanac contains up-to-date information about many topics, such as animals, cities, countries, inventions, sports, and weather. An almanac is published every year, so if you have the current volume the facts are very up to date.



Print this activity

Find an almanac in your library or use an online almanac like Fact Monster at

Find the general index in the front of a print almanac or the search box in an online version.

  • Search for dogs,

  • then the American Kennel Club.

  • See if you can locate the list 0f  the Top 50 American Kennel Club Registrations.

What rank is the dachshund? _________


How many were registered for the year? ______________



Name of the print almanac you used: _________________________________________________


The year of the print almanac: _____________________________________________________


OR for an online almanac:

The title of the website: ___________________________________________________


The web address or URL of it:  _______________________________________________________________________________


The date you used it:  _______________________________________________________



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