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How to Choose Resources: Atlas

Where in the world?



An atlas helps you find where places are located.


  • Begin by using the index in the back of a print Atlas.
  • The index will list a page number and map coordinates. Please write down all the information.
  • Turn to the correct page and use the map coordinates to find the location you're looking for.
  • Atlases use symbols to define capital cities, rivers, and mountains.


Activity:  Atlas


Print this activity

1-Find a print atlas in your library. Look through the atlas. Write down a question that could be answered using the atlas.



2-Find an atlas in your library that has a map of the place where you were born.


Where were you born?  __________________________________________

Write the title of the atlas and the page number where you found your birthplace.

Title: _________________________________________________________

Page number:  ______

OR Try the Interactive MapMaker at  


List the web address or URL:  _____________________________________________________


and the date you used the website:  ____________________________________

Try also the  FactMonster Atlas at


List the web address or URL:  _____________________________________________________


and the date you used the website:  ____________________________________



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