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How to Choose Resources: Encyclopedia



Encyclopedias are the first reference resource you should use when looking for basic information on a research topic.  They will help you better understand your topic and more effectively search for additional information.

An encyclopedia is a set of books that contain information about many different subjects.

Because the amount of information cannot all be put into one book, it is divided into many smaller books. Each book is called a volume. The volumes in each set are arranged in alphabetical order to make it easy to find the information. They are also numbered to make it easy to keep them in order on the shelf.


Encyclopedias can come in book or online. Ask your librarian if your school subscribes to an online encyclopedia.


Print this activity 

Find the encyclopedias in your library or use your online encyclopedia. Find the entry on dogs. Write down the names of two different dog breeds and tell one thing about each breed.

1. __________________________________________________________________



2. __________________________________________________________________


Source of information:

Title of the article: _____________________________________________________________________


Print Encyclopedia:

Name of the print encyclopedia: ______________________________________________________________

Volume: _____________________

Pages: ______________________


OR for the online encyclopedia


Name of the online encyclopedia: ______________________________________________________________


Internet address or URL used:  _http://_______________________________________________________________


Date you used it:  ___________________________________________________


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