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Present: Be Sure

Be Sure...

Be Sure! have the correct due date or the correct time for your presentation.

  • Is your name on your project?
  • Have you included the citations/bibliography?
  • Are you prepared for your presentation?


*Tips for technology presentations:


  1. Be sure to practice your presentation on the equipment you will be using before your due date.  If possible, show it to someone else.
  2. If something goes wrong with the technology, have a print copy to help you talk your way through the presentation.

*Tips for oral presentations:


  1. Gather all of your support materials and practice actually presenting the speech to others.
  2. Be prepared to answer questions about your research.  If you don’t know the answer, don’t bluff it.  Just say, ”Great question.  Guess I have more research to do!”
  3. Speak slowly and clearly so the person in the back row can hear you, don’t read off your notes, do look at your audience at different times, and do say thank you to your audience when you are done.


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