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How to Use Online Tools: Printing

How to Use Online Tools: Tips for Printing Articles

Check with your media specialist or your teacher before you print to see if it is OK. Some Web files may be too big!

Choices for printing the WHOLE ARTICLE or a SECTION of the article are usually available.

  1. Open the article. 
  2. Use the Print Preview option in your browser to check both the format of your printing and the number of pages being printed.
  3. Many articles have a print option that prints only the article, rather than the Web page the article is on. This is called "printer friendly version."
  4. Click the Print button at the top of the full display. Make sure you choose the Citation option so you know where your information came from.
  5. Click the Print icon of the Web browser to print the article.
  6. Click the Web browser Back button to return to the article you printed.