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How to Use Online Tools: Tips

How to Use Online Tools:  Tips

Tips for Using Online Resources

Most online resources have icons that appear with the record telling you what kinds of information are available.

These icons may appear with an article telling you:

  •  The article has pictures or graphics 
  •  The article full text--the whole article is available  --HTML Full Text
  •  The article has a PDF file --PDF Full Text

Reading Level (Lexile): Approximate grade-level reading-ability chart:

Grade Lexile Range


1 = 200 - 350


2 = 350 - 500


3 = 500 - 750


4 = 620 - 910


5 = 730 - 960


6 = 800 - 1030

Full Text of Article:

To see the full text of an article, click the underlined title or the page icon. It will go to the article.

Articles include the title, subject(s), source, reading level (Lexile), and database searched.