How to Credit Authors and Other Contributors

The author is the person or group who created the source.

Single and Multiple Authors

Citation Maker has fields for an author's first, middle, and last names. Enter that information as found on the source. Citation Maker will add the correct formatting, like reversing the order of the names.

  • 1 author: Twain, Mark.
  • 2 authors: Jones, Alan J., and Julio Lopez.
  • 3 or more authors -- only list the first author: Johnson, Amanda Michelle, et al.

Group as Author

If an author is a group, organization, or agency, list the group's name in the box called Last Name.

  • When a group is both the author and publisher, skip the Author box and only list the group in the Publisher box.
  • If a group's name begins with "The," do not include "The" when listing their name.


Some authors use a pseudonym (pronounced: sue-duh-nim), which is a name other than their real name. This can also be called a pen name or online username.

  • If the pseudonym is made up of a first and last name, enter it as you would any author.

Ex: Twain, Mark

  • Otherwise, enter the entire pseudonym in the box called Last Name.

Ex: Film Crit Hulk

Ex: @mmjones

  • If a pseudonym is not well known and if you know the person's real name, include it in parentheses after the pseudonym.

Ex: Benton, Thomas H. (William Pannapacker)

Ex: @TheEllenShow (Ellen DeGeneres)

Titles and Suffixes

  • If a person's title or degree is listed, do not include it in the citation.

Ex. for Neil deGrasse Tyson, PhD => enter it like this: Tyson, Neil deGrasse

Ex: for Sir Anthony Hopkins => enter it like this: Hopkins, Anthony

  • If a suffix is included at the end of the name, include it in the citation. Do this by adding a comma and the suffix after the name entered in the box called Middle Name. If there is no middle name, enter the comma and suffix at the end of the box called First Name.

Ex. for Martin Luther King, Jr. => enter it like this:  King, Martin Luther, Jr.

Ex. for John D. Rockefeller, IV => enter it like this:  Rockefeller, John D., IV


In some templates, Citation Maker will let you give credit to more people than just the author of a source. These other contributors are either important to your project or are needed to identify the source. Citation Maker will let you choose the contributor's role, like director or performer.

Works Cited List: Multiple Entries from Same Author

When you cite multiple sources from the same author, only list the full author's name in the first entry. For the following entries, use three dashes in place of the author's name. Citation Maker cannot do this for you, so you will need to make that change on the works-cited list that it produces. Ask your teacher whether you need to do this.

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