How to Credit Publishers

The publisher is the group or organization that produced the source or made it available after it was created.

Listing the Publisher’s Name

Write the publisher's entire name, but leave out business words like Company (Co.), Corporation (Corp.), Incorporated (Inc.), and Limited (Ltd.).

More Than One Publisher

Only list the first organization.

When an Organization is Both the Author and the Publisher

  • Do not list the organization as Author—leave it blank, and instead begin with the Title.
  • List the organization as the Publisher.

Leave Out the Publisher When the Source Is:

  • A magazine or newspaper
  • A Web site whose title is basically the same as the name of its publisher
  • A Web site not involved in producing the works it makes available (e.g., a service for users’ content like WordPress or YouTube; a library database like National Geographic Kids or Kids InfoBits). 



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