OSLIS Bookmarks

Print bookmarks to distribute to students and teachers as a way to help them remember logins

Before printing, add the usernames and passwords. For Gale and Cherry Lake, type the information in the text boxes of the first bookmark, and the text will automatically populate to the rest of the bookmarks once you hit the Enter key. Depending on your browser, you may have to first choose the "open with different viewer" option.

  • Gale = unique login for each Oregon private school, school district, and for homeschoolers
  • Cherry Lake information literacy eBooks = shared statewide login
  • LearningExpress Library = Each user creates own login. Therefore, the auto-populate feature is disabled on the bookmark template.

Usernames and passwords must be lowercase.

If you have duplex printing, try using the "front and back" file.

If margin alignment is a problem, use the two individual files.

There are also bookmarks that outline the steps of the elementary and secondary research process.

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