OSLIS Use Policy

Policy on Copying, Reproducing, or Adapting OSLIS Content

  • OSLIS is a grant-funded project, and we appreciate hearing about how OSLIS is being used. 
  • Except as noted below, information included in the Learn to Research and Citation Maker sections of the OSLIS website is in the public domain and therefore may be copied, reproduced, or adapted to meet local needs, provided that the information is distributed free of cost and not for profit, and that OSLIS is cited as the source of such information.
  • Videos in the Learn to Research section of OSLIS have a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. If you want to do more than view or link to the videos, please consult the license. 
  • Some content is sourced from individuals or organizations not associated with OSLIS. In such cases, there is a note indicating that the content is used with permission. Contact the original source to determine if you may use that content for your purposes. 
  • For questions and for inquiries about commercial uses (i.e., for profit), contact the School Library Consultant at the State Library of Oregon.

Database Terms of Use

The database content made available through the Oregon School Library Information System (OSLIS) is provided by vendors under the terms of contracts with the State Library of Oregon. By accessing that information or content, you agree to comply with the limitations and restrictions, summarized below, that are imposed by those contracts on the use of the information or content. In general, you may utilize web browsers or, as necessary, the vendor-provided software to access (via telecommunications, network, or Web-based connections) and use, on a non-exclusive basis, the content or information for educational and personal non-commercial purposes. Such use may include downloading, displaying, viewing, printing, and/or making limited paper copies of the information or content. Under no circumstances may you use the Licensed Content as a component of, or a basis for, a directory, database, or other publication prepared for sale, exchange, barter, transfer, rent, lease, or loan; resell the information or content for profit; or distribute, alter or in any other manner commercially exploit the information or content or any data or documentation received from the information or content. All information and content is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without any representations or warranties. You may view the full set of vendor terms and conditions in this document, which is accessible from a LibGuide maintained by the State Library of Oregon.

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