Define Your Project Parameters

Before you begin your research, be sure you understand your assignment.

Read and re-read your assignment!  Ask your teacher any questions you may have.

Make sure you know:

  • How much class time will be provided?
  • What format can it be in? Are there choices (speech, video, diorama, report, etc.)?
  • What style does it need to follow?
  • How long does my assignment need to be?
  • Has the topic been assigned to me? Or, what topic may I choose? (Be sure to get your teacher's approval.)
  • When is my assignment due?
  • What aspects of the topic must be covered in my project?
  • How many sources do I need? Are there specific sources required?

Check due dates for specific parts of your assignment, such as:

  • Outline
  • Resource list or citations
  • Notes
  • Rough draft
  • Final draft or project presentation

To learn more, watch this Deciphering Your Research Assignment video.

    Deciphering Your Research Assignment video thumbnail


    List tasks and create your schedule. 

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