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Elementary Video Credits

[Add a bit of intro text for context?
Use bullets for the 3 credits below and for the lists in each accordion? (Just an idea. I'm not set on that.) Bullets added to Citing Sources video to see how they look
I'd make the formatting in the accordion text match. In other words, I suggest using  the "Topic -- text" format in accordions (no quotes). The formatting is the default that we were given. We can look at this--I'm not completely sure I know what you're suggesting.
Want to add "Elementary Overview & Step Videos" as an accordion here to only have one page of credits? (I like the idea of having all of the credits for elementary videos in one place and all of the credits for secondary videos in one place.) Done!  Deleted the Elementary Overview & step video page I created. I also changed the title of the Secondary videos page and have accordions made for the Overview & Step videos as well as all the other secondary videos listed in alpha order now too.
We can decide when working together. -- JM] 

We will need to figure out how to note it if John doesn't do future videos.  Can possibly add ", unless noted below" at the end of Video Production.  That would work. ML

Should OSLIS Overview be changed to What is OSLIS? video? [I like that idea. -- JM] 


Video Production -- John Brookhouse, 1oClock Multimedia

Music -- "Walking with a Pet," D. Cooper, Audio Jungle

Graphics -- Public domain, unless noted below

OSLIS Overview and Research Step videos

Script -- OSLIS Committee

Video Production -- John Brookhouse, 1oClock Multimedia

Characters -- Licensed from Dollar Photo Club

Choosing a Topic & Developing a Research Question
Script adapted by the OSLIS Committee from the Oregon CLIP Project video
Citing Sources: Why & How to Do It
  • Permission granted by Bearport Publishing to use their book, Honey Bee's Hive: A Thriving City, by Joyce Markovics
  • Script by OSLIS Committee
Crediting Experts Using Signal Phrases
Evaluating & Choosing Sources
Evaluating Websites
Reading & Taking Notes
Searching Effectively: Boolean Operators
Searching Effectively: Phrase Searching & Truncation
Understanding Your Assignment
Using a Library Database
Using Citation Maker
Using Keywords
Using Primary & Secondary Sources