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Revise My Project

R Review and Rate = Evaluate your project.

Reread your work to be sure it makes sense.

  • Do you have a topic sentence? Is your main idea clear?
  • Did you use evidence from your research to support your ideas?
  • Is the information well organized?
  • Does it communicate to your audience what you learned or information they need to know?
  • Did you repeat words too often?
  • Check your spelling and grammar. Try reading or performing it out loud to be sure it sounds right.
  • Show it to a friend or relative to review. Use a rubric or scoring guide to rate your work.

Scoring Guides for Oral Reports:

Grade 3 Speaking Scoring Guide

Grade 5 Speaking Scoring Guide

Scoring Guides for Written Reports:

Grades K-3 Writing Scoring Guide

Grades 4-6 Writing Scoring Guide

  • Have questions? Ask your teacher.


R Revise = Make your work the best it can be.

Read or listen to how others rated it.

  • What can you do to improve any problems they noted?
  • Congratulate yourself for what they liked about your project, too!!!

Go over the details.

  • Re-read what you have written or watch what you have produced.
  • Ask yourself:
  1. Is it all my original work?
  2. Is my name on it?
  3. Does it have spelling or grammar errors? Did I use complete sentences?
  4. Is it neat, not messy?
  5. Does it need a title page?
  6. Did I correctly cite my sources?

AND finally....

  • Go back and review the assignment page again, making sure you finished the whole assignment.
  • Ask, is this my best work, or do I need to revise or redo it before I present it?


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