Revise My Project

Now that you are done with your first draft, it is time to revise it.

Big Picture

    • Review the assignment page again. Did you cover everything? 
    • Did you answer your essential and focus questions?
    • Did you use evidence from your research to support your ideas?
    • Reread your work to be sure it makes sense.
    • Is the information well organized?
    • Does it communicate to your audience what you learned or information they need to know?


    • Are your main ideas clear?
    • Do your paragraphs begin with a topic sentence? 
    • Did you repeat words too often?
    • Did you use complete sentences?
    • Check your spelling and grammar. 
    • Does it need a title page?
    • Did you correctly cite your sources?
    • Have questions? Ask your teacher.

Review Again

    • Try reading it out loud, performing it, or watching what you produced to be sure it sounds right.
    • Show it to a friend or relative to review. 
    • And/or, use a rubric or scoring guide to rate your work.

Scoring Guides from the Oregon Department of Education for Written Reports:

Grade 3 Writing Scoring Guide

Grades 4-5 Writing Scoring Guide

Grades 6-8 Writing Scoring Guide

Scoring Guides from the Oregon Department of Education for Oral Reports:

Grades K-2 Speaking Scoring Guide

Grade 3 Speaking Scoring Guide

Grade 5 Speaking Scoring Guide

Scoring Rubrics for Other Project Formats

Ask yourself if this is your best work. 

  • No? Keep revising and editing.
  • Yes? You are ready to present. 

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Now that you have revised your project, it is time to go to the next step of the OSLIS research process: Present.

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