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Plan My Sources

Plan your research process from beginning to end. This research planner might help.

Choose Resources


Find Information. Read Carefully.

  • Read! Read! Read! Skim and scan to get to the good stuff.

  • Did you find the information you need? Does it answer your questions?

  • Is it a fact? A fact is true information based on research.

For example: An ant is an insect.

  • Is it an opinion? An opinion is someone's thoughts or ideas on a subject.

For example: I think ants are ugly.

  • Is it up-to-date? Up-to-date means that the information is recent. Up-to-date resources include important new information.


Organize Your information

  • Take notes using your own words.
  • Cite your sources. Citing sources means telling where you got your information from.


Use or Share Your Information

  • What will you create or do to show what you learned? Here are some options.


Evaluate Your Work

Check Did you complete all parts of your assignment?

Check Does your project show what you learned?

Check What will you do differently with your next research task?

Next => Now that you have planned your sources, it is time to go to the next step of the OSLIS research process: Find.